To receive an East Carter County High School diploma a student must meet the following standards set forth by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education:
  • A minimum of twenty-four (24) credits must be completed in grades nine (9) through twelve (12).
  • Pass the United States and Missouri Constitution tests.
Required Courses for All Students
  • English - 4 credits

  • History - 3 credits

  • Math - 3 credits

  • Science - 3 credits

  • Physical Education - 1 credit

  • Health - 0.5 credit

  • Electives - 7 credits

  • Personal Finance - 0.5 credit

  • Fine Art - 1 credit

  • Practical Art - 1 credit

Missouri A+ School

The East Carter County High School has been awarded by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education as an A+ School. The A+ School provides the opportunity for East Carter County High School to make changes designed to guide students in a rigorous program of academic and technical education that will prepare them for the workplace, post-secondary vocational/technical training, or a community college.

The goals of an A+ School are:
  • To ensure all students graduate from high school.
  • To ensure that all students complete a selection of high school studies that is challenging and has identified learning expectations.
  • To ensure that all students progress from high school graduation to college, post-secondary vocational or technical school, or a high wage job with workplace skill development opportunities.
  • Money for tuition, fees, and books to attend a Missouri public community college or vocational-technical school as funded yearly by Missouri legislature.
  • Opportunity to learn about jobs at the place of business and in the classroom.
  • Tutoring and mentoring experience.
  • Career Pathways to prepare for an occupation or additional training upon graduation.
  • Encouragement to attend school regularly and work hard.
  • Experience using computers and technical equipment to solve problems.