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Welcome to the Music Department.

When a child studies music, significant elements of his or her education find focus and expression: developing the ability to understand and use symbols in new contexts, discovering the power, precision, and control of mathematics in unexpected ways; finding and directing personal creativity; exercising the diverse skills of problem solving; experiencing the joy of self-expression; growing into the liberation acquired through self-discipline; and participating in the deeply human satisfaction of shared work and the gratification of challenges met. 

In addition to these characteristics fundamental to education, music shares with the other arts a resource that is of paramount importance to the education of the young: Music is a highway for exploring the emotional and aesthetic dimensions of experience. Indeed, here is where music and the other arts make their unique and most visible contribution. Education without music shortchanges our children and their futures. Education with music offers exciting possibilities in two directions. 

As we look to the future, educational research on the nature of intelligence and brain function give promising indications that could change the face of education. As we look around us in the present, we see connections between music education and changes in students that offer direct and immediate benefits, not only to them, but to the educational enterprise as a whole.

Music Courses:

The purpose of band is to provide a variety of musical experiences for each of the students participating in the program. Members are expected to attend all practices and performances.

Prerequisites: Junior High Band or Teacher Approval
Credit: 1 Unit
Semesters: 2

The High School choir is a performing group giving several concerts per year. This class also prepares students for All-District and the District Music Contest. Participation in concerts and special performances is required.

Prerequisites: Junior High Choir or Teacher Approval
Credit: 1 Unit
Semesters: 2