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Physical Education & Health

Welcome to the Physical Education & Health Department.

Physical Education Courses:

Physical Education
The physical education program has its main objectives as physical growth and development through physical exercise, conditioning, and team sports. In the sports we strive as physical educators to teach the worth of having a physically fit body and being acquainted with the rules and regulations of the activities we participate in. The activities we participate in are: Volleyball, Basketball, Conditioning, Recreational games, Softball, Football, Badminton, and Soccer.

Prerequisite: None
Credit: 1 Unit
Semesters: 2

Body Conditioning
This class is designed to help the student understand the anatomical relationships of lifting, the physiology of lifting and the importance of nutrition toward total body development. Skills and techniques of the upper body lifts, lower body lifts, safety and fitness are stressed through the daily workout program.

Prerequisites: None
Credit: 1 Unit
Semesters: 2